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    Akaneiro: Изменения патча от 15.03.2013

    17-03-2013, 11:36 | Раздел: Akaneiro: Demon Hunters | Просмотров: 4855

    Список изменений патча от 15.03.2013.


    Below you’ll find all the changes contained in the latest update.


    • New Area “Yurei Caverns” is now available
    • Attendance and Summon rewards screen added
    • Added ‘Mission Objective’ icon to mini-map
    • Renamed “Defense” to “Armor” on all Armor Items to avoid confusion with base stat name
    • Chests now have max loot level drops per area
    • Update Map Unlock purchase page (unlocks all Yomi Island areas)
    • Add ‘Karma Crystals’ to Purchase Page and HUD
    • Added Shinigami Scroll to Shammy Mart
    • Added ‘fine’ cloaks
    • Fixed disconnect issues
    • Fixed infinite karma bug when selling item
    • Restocked and added round 3 items to rare vendor
    • Fix DPS readout in character screen to incorporate “attack speed” buffs
    • If disconnect on level up, player assigns discipline point at next login
    • When reaching level cap, Mission Complete screen won’t display gain
    • Add “pickup” Mouse cursor for when hovering over loot
    • Add Spirit helper animation in the shop
    • New reduced Revival Prayer Karma Shard costs for earlier player levels
    • Revival Prayer now does a bunch of damage to surrounding enemies
    • New logic for activating boss abilities – beware!
    • Mission UI now appears in Tutorial Mission
    • 3 Ally abilities added (Shockwave, Ring of Frost, Caltrops)
    • Increase ranged enemies flee chance
    • Decreased Mission XP rewards for higher threats
    • Increased Mission timers for higher threats
    • Modify players that appear in “Summon” select screen to reward dedicated players
    • Lots of bug fixing

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